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Amur ammunition plant

Vympel today

Vympel plant today is:

– N workshops, warehouses;

– N highly skilled professionals and workers;

– N thousand square meters. km of territory;

– N production facilities;

– deliveries of products to N countries of the world and N regions of Russia;

– certified products;

– N names of sport hunting and combat cartridges;

– N years of experience in the manufacture of industrial projects;

– the only cartridge plant in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Priority objectives of the enterprise policy:
– focus on new trends in the global market and the desire to improve production technology;

– implementation of social programs, ensuring the rights and guarantees of workers, enshrined in the collective agreement;

– ensuring safe working conditions and environmental safety.

The federal state-owned enterprise Amur cartridge factory “Vympel” deservedly has a high reputation in circles of the city, region and Russia.
The company is confidently striding into the future and is striving for new successes. Ready for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Production capabilities, modern technology, qualified personnel allow FKP APZ VIMPEL to remain a reliable pillar of the country’s defense in terms of providing the army with the most modern models of ammunition, to create a sense of confidence among the defenders of the Fatherland.

The level of automation and mechanization of production processes is more than 90%. Lines have automatic control devices for more than 50 parameters of cartridges at all stages of the production process, which ensures high quality, reliability and safety of manufactured products. Today it is the only specialized ammunition factory in Russia with a world-class technology level.